Prague-based brand by ceramic designer MgA. Jiří Žežula that makes handcrafted products. Its creations balance between applied and fine arts in small number or limited edition collections. Its original designs can be identified by their industrial aesthetic with an unconventional approach to technical execution.
Founded in 2020. Replica Ceramics experiments with innovative techniques to achieve uniquely combined structures. Custom orders and individual implementation in line with design specifications are also in its offering.

In 2018 Jiří Žežula graduated with his Master’s in Sculpture from the Ceramic Department in Pilsen, CZ. Afterwards, he moved to live and work in Berlin, DE, where he founded the Replica Ceramics label. 

In 2020 he returned to Prague, CZ, and opened the ceramic studio Hlinotéka with his partners. Now works in his independent studio in Prague - Vinohrady.